Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I had this argument once
with my imaginary

by Michael Cooper

girlfriend        maybe that’s why she is always trying to kill me.  We solved
it, 3 young men dove into
an ocean raced 211 yards
to the bouy- I lost.  Later, drencht in her
car designated driver in wet clothes with sand
in my crotch the blue woman told me that I
won because I was the first one in
the water, the brave one;  then she married
the drunk-he cheated
on her repeatedly there is no no
cheating there is only 1 man
and 1 woman at all times uni
verse the ocean lulls me in her 1011 arms
or maybe just seven.  Here is the transcript of

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  1. Been there-- left wondering what happened to my fantasy. Good piece.