Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Middle of the Night

by Tom Hatch

After the years have past
Love is the way of their being
Appearing into the darkness of night
His faint silhouette leads to a deception
Clarified only by reason of what she knows
Of him his features harkened highlighted in her mind
Seen not by sight in dark and shady age
Black and frozen letting her mind exposing
Him much younger than he is, is a cowardly
Thought in the dark not disclosing age
A short pause as the furnace starts
Chimes in shouts hollers flowing
Hot air settling down to a whisper
Again, darkness and remembrance working together
Glancing back into those old memories eyes
Memory that is orchestrated hard staring
Not stopping for a pause because
Control is unwanted as her memory takes over
Dancing around the room with him in the dark
On second thought this is not a coward's way
She knew they were young once and what of it
And are still in the nights darkness
Old lovers in the middle of the night
In the darkness is the young aglow

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