Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 18, 2013

bombs go off everywhere. i am tired

by Amy Soricelli

everyone is tired.
sleeping head on their arms on their desk their papers
their papers are a pillow.
they tell me this - they say 'i am so tired'.
we carry hate like bricks in a lunch box the apple from 4th grade move over
there is death now - a little chocolate chip cookie of death -
it is easier to spin this on a sunny day but i am too sleepy to think.
three people in the morning said "i am so tired i could nap - i could nap right here
in this spot".
the arrow "you are here".
i would be there snoring away
soundlessly snoring we are all so tired of sorrow.
exhausts us all.
it is tiring to fall down and not get up.
everyone is tired.


  1. I completely agree, Amy. Life is getting exhausting especially when there's nothing on the news except misery and scandal.

    Lovely poem!

  2. thank you for your comments!

  3. Amy- You captured it perfectly. Thank you!

    Laura Jewell