Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quaternary Glaciation in the American Midwest

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Quaternary glaciation, in the American Midwest, brought more than buckets of cold.

That formal giving over of difference, constituted by obliged change, resulted in enabling.

(Caliphates were excluded from such causality by dint of bribes or religious immunity).

Maledictions of less than a century in duration, remained, nonetheless, preeminent execrations;

Artistic types, ensconced in Las Vegas, readily posted that such imprecations evoked Tophet.

(Material wealth remains as nothing more than doggerel at that otherworldly train station).

Simultaneous to participating in seminars in the field of literature, some nubile youths popped

Klonopin; their publication-rich professors ignored those highs, knowing only Xanax.

(Complacent students were less a curse than were nontraditional students intent on learning).

Consequently, restocking pharmaceutical wonderlands meant sellers culled no titillation.

A significant part of commerce continued to be their sober fiduciary growth opportunities.

(Marketeers necessarily responded to life as it was rather than as we wished it to be.)

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