Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 7, 2013

wake up, America!

by Linda M. Crate

every city is the same
New York, Boston, Philadelphia —
only different names and skyscrapers,
but all the same lights;
Portland, Florence, Kittyhawk
there is no history in the United States
any more for we are all too engrossed
in the history of one another or to thrust
ourselves onto the page to be unforgettable —
we forget our own roots our ancestors that
fought so hard for our country of the blood
spilled seeping into time's sands
all too concerned with our own wealth and
immortality that we forget the things
that truly matter, we only remember
our own greed and selfish wants and that
is why the world hates us for we
are corrupt and without hope —
we need to create a better world one worth
fighting for one with honor and integrity
that can help it's own nation to fly
instead of letting our country to keep going
further down into hell's hand basket;
let's remember us our cities for reasons of
which we can be proud, and if that is to
happen let's forget our own foolishness.

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