Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 31, 2013


by Nalini Srivastava

Yes, I am a dare devil,
I am daring, rightly as you said.
I wasn’t always so,
And I wonder how I could ever be the shy, silent sort.
I enjoy freaking out at the wrong doers,
I am a rebel by the soul.
I enjoy breaking the traditions
And yet I am a traditional being at heart.
I am two women in one I feel,
One the goody goody type,
Other the bad girl who just wants fun.
I am a super mom, who enjoy facing the odds,
And I am the daughter who loves to be pampered.
I am the spouse who likes to dominate there
And yet I like being the submissive one too,
I love to assert my freedom,
And yet I love the chains of love.
I am the eternal wanderer
And yet I am fully domesticated too.
I am the sentimental dreamer in my heart
And yet I deal life practically often.
Given a choice to be the one I like better,
I would again choose this ambiguous persona
I love to be the known one
I prefer being the enigma too.

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  1. lovely! This is just you- the unique you!