Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 28, 2013


by Jeremiah Walton

Reject all the material barriers to participate in
Ultra-Destruction of Self
Self is beautiful, destroy it!
Legions of small insects dream of sheep pestering flesh,
bugnails creep eyes open
You're forced to watch The Movie of your reality, being able
to react upon each curtain’s fall
1/30th of a second quickest time, hurry!
Self is awake
The temporary insanity of Loves must sleep
Love for material, love for people, love for highs,
love for Love
A void must be built within Self to destroy Self
To be conscious in the womb, a glorious death sweet as
pomegranates stuck between the skin of teeth
Zippers of flesh are opened to bleed freely along the eternal
mindscape of Consciousness
Physical body is not conscious, meat temple for "I"
What are you seeking crying philosopher?
Why are you trying to be sooo God damn Zen?
Magnificent walls, squirming murals around your
breathing bulge
What tales of you to tell?
Share your secrets!
The sobbing philosopher slits his wrists in geometric
patterns, and chases destruction lovingly,
entertained by the ominous lights of progression
rusting the horizon
Babble of idiots chase his giggling robes
Fire bomb thoughts quest for elusive truth, fingers slipping
down wet slides of authentic flesh
Each tip bawling love me! love me! love me!
Betray the destruction and rebirth of Self!
Abandon your quest! Lie and love me!
Weeping on sodden type writers, the archaic thinkers of
beautiful present are consumed by the universal poem
Organic truth is eternity
Discover me!
I've merged with the eternal, saliva of
God wets my eye lids
Thick ageless flesh encase the meat encasing my skeleton
encasing potential soul
Languid spine of man is malleable,
Osteopaths of Eternity's fingers direct bone molds, suit
cases for the truth-seeker
Star glazed eyes bellow "keep away!" darting into recesses
of Manchester
The evils of Brown Ave need to be contemplated, loved,
hated, understood in essence, unexplainable terms of
Seeking Holy oasis from the feverish socializers and lovers
and pleasure fondlers and innocence seducers
Soda crackle fizz of midnight along the highway pops, the
singing monologues of droning robots
O' great philosopher!
Reject the trivialities! Cry over nothing rather sob over
Thoughts corrugated, rough surface to trespass, tripping
High with Self, high with Ultra-Destruction
High, I see God in the eyeblink of eternity,
and screech WHY
Faces in trees gnaw on thought-bones and,
only answer WHY
My pockets hold no answers and,
only answer WHY
The evils hold no answer and only answer
No thing truly matters, bury the heart, the ranting of
fanatical-desire must be dispelled
We need need need need need!
A truly beautiful destroyed Self does not!
A truly beautiful destroyed Self is a babe opening his eyes
to watch the creations of lead on paper for the first
time, and
wonder wonder wonder!
A nose is born!
Then eyes!
Then lips!
Then ears!
O' vast world, how is this so?
Programming has yet to circuit in his mindscape! Yet to
be infused with barriers of social living, with desire
filters for acceptance, with love for love, with rejection
of acoustic heartfelt squawking of Self!
His well of thought is deep and pure to gulp
The steady drip of human experience has yet to dry the
faucet of the mind to a trickle
This babe, this beautiful individual, a waterfall of
understanding and Holy thought!
Not yet a dribble of security, of mindless human Self
Not yet a reflection of wired Mirrors

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