Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tequila, Mexico

by Devlin De La Chapa

He asks if I ever been fucked
by a Tequila’s bottleneck?
I giggle in my drunken stupor,
my age refusing to behave, ladylike.
My boyfriend is the youngest son
of a mastered connoisseur beyond
the vast fields of the Blue Agave
where my body has sinfully laid naked
each day, every day for the past week;
in my own virgin fields, beneath the incessant
of cloudless skies and the indiscriminative
of the illicit sun, I have been cumulated, watered,
chopped, fucked, de-cherried then carried
into the furnace to live eagerly widespread eagled
in the mouths that desire such liquescence;
I’ve gained the title of my boyfriend’s
self-centered, self-entertaining,
self-indulgent drunken whore;
he tongues the empty bottleneck,
lubricating the recycled glass,
and he tongue fucks it with such grace,
with such delicacy, with such queerness
that my insides clench, my lips burnish,
creating a catalyst of pre-ograsmic froth;
the sweet sensual scent of Tequila’s
post-drunken lust seeps from my overheated pussy
as the bottleneck thrusts in-n-out
by the gentle handle of my lover;
my erotic thoughts drift to Felipe Calderon
macheting his way through the political
candor of sexual politics and awakened uprisings
to become everything a President is not
permitted to be, and suddenly I fantasize
about that influential man slurping up Tequila
as he slovenly pours it over my snatch
until his radical tongue is replaced by the
pre-election of his dick raging spermatic wars
inside my personal Mexico in this small rich town
of Tequila in mid-June where my body alas convulses


  1. This poem works on many levels from the erotic to the social to the personal to the political and I have to give applause to the poet for pulling off something so dangerous and so graphic so well. Wow.

  2. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, THANK YOU so much for your comment. Wow! I'm speechless beyond words:)