Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sister Fire

by Carly Berg

Shark-shaped silhouette a sister bastard stares down the night bonfire
Black on orange like Halloween
Hansel and Gretel forest oven witch
Thought balloon wafts forms fills
Closer. Closer. Tiptoe creep. Dare you? Really? Oh yeah?  Lolol.
Aww. Poor skinny black volcano cloud sister alone and small.
A tasty tidbit then, toe torch touch just a toasty tad
Scissor mouth snaps You haven’t got the guts.
I. Don’t fear. You. Snout soars skyward
Cartoon bull snort, a one and a two and a three times hit the ground with the hoof and
Ba ba bump da dumpf Bap wah wah wah fireflop
Whoop whoop alley oop.
Flappy batwings, demon shriek
Scritch scratch woof poof flame flash
I only meant to…
Ding dong whoops.

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