Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 9, 2012


by John Pursch

Just when the anthem chortled, a pleasant gull came roaring into the dinette set, peering over a rail car's final bunion. Chimneys sucked in grammar by the millionth spine, hindering the cockatoos, sending dog knowledge to the poles, hoping for wheat. Halfway to cumquat, a cannibal eloped with neural phobia, flaunting eternal sunset’s collared shadow. Eels concurred with amethyst hills, trolling for lathered oglers, crawling the minister’s bowler for spruce breezes, tilting at a dragonfly’s mink inquest. Spanning enclosure chutes, angora hemp occurred to lakeside newbies, doffing Cuban offal, slurping equatorial tinder from the umbral axle’s lupine snarl. Seven clairvoyants threw pumper fits, approving pencil fright in bathing loons, freshly pinned to curbside flies. Wounded loafers, fueled to gliding keels, trebled the duffle bark’s career mosaic sneeze, fumbling into ateliers, cramping on enamel fruit. Platters lazed in scudding fiords, flecked with lorries, jiggling stateside droplets of plasma. Netting a full eighth, broken choirs remastered wry flotation crill, wriggling into superficial octagons of blue imprisoned haddock. Simmering junkers sped to tabular ice, lapsing into undertow, filching gravity from sworn detainees. Clandestine locusts wicked away rattan E. coli shakes, leering at tiered clavicles, crusty in their heady bylaw dunes. Glossing under lacquered omens, semiotic racers plied the bruiser’s lefty spigot with dappled tremors, sifting tufa shoals for scuffs of crystal oil. Submerged in white space, fun bled foci on the yearning curves of bent eternal questions, hammering home a silent plebe.

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