Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Inn of My Dream

by Ali Znaidi

I was jubilantly wandering in the street for hours,
until my feet got sore and my body got weary.
So I returned to the inn of my dream.
I lay in bed while my eyes were so bleary.

Before that I opened the windows of the inn.
My eyes became more and more dim.
So I succumbed to such a soothing nap,
letting my dreams’ magma flow round my mind’s rim.

I saw a big legendary bird with wings, so huge.
On its back Liberty was jubilantly playing with her hair.
I saw Death menacing and roaring like thunder.
But Life immediately electrocuted him in his chair.

I saw a prisoner bathing with the water of a butterfly.
I saw a little bird stitching its broken wings to start afresh.
I saw a mesmerising Muse called Freedom—
I saw her as a beautiful woman with pure blood and flesh.

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