Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Venus of Delta

by Ed Werstein

In the hubbub
of the airport screening area,
that kerfufflian confusion posing as security,
right in front of me
she bent
to remove her shoes.

It was the bending that did it,
the flesh inside stretching
tightening the denim even more.

Her pose
a picture destined for the dictionary
illustrating callipygian.
This woman's calli
was as pygian as they come.

The goddess Callipygia herself,
in the flesh..

I was flummoxed and flamboozled.
Flustered, I left liquids unbagged,
dropped change all over the floor,
frazzled the folks waiting behind me.

After stumbling twice
through the metal detector,
forgetting to remove my belt,
and now completely disassembled,
I was relieved at last
to see exactly what I needed:

Recombobulation Area.

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