Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pixie Talk

by Rafi Miller

Lie with me
                        to me
Beneath a phoenix sun
lend me your magnifying glass
let’s burn ants and watch them struggle up
from their ashes
Blue smoke curls from our lips as
The ash from our shared cigarette falls
on their dead little heads
Dmitri, dahling, isn’t it just so wonderful
-ly pointless?

What should we do with our day?
There’s another bottle of wine left
there has to be
No?  Well let’s just run to the shore
To stare at the sharp steel of the horizon
let it laugh at us
remind us
we mean nothing, we are
Where the salty winds will
burn my cuts
Shift the seas
in my favor
                        my favor

Do me a favor? 
Rub your buttercup
On my chin
                        you dirty bastard
Imbue hues of crumbling pollen on bare skin
                        tell me you love me, liar, liar!
Let’s just lie
Let’s stick spoons in the lemon chiffon
Lick white-hot sugar from our lips 
make faces at the fat maid
behind her fat back
Come on
It will be fun
cum on

1 comment:

  1. A ton of devilish personality in this one. Clever positioning, playful, clear expression. Fun and articulate at once, which is rare.