Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Sheets to the Wind

by Lisa Vihos

I find them hanging on the line.
They willy-nilly catch the wind
and pull everything else with them:
socks, underwear, pantyhose.

Large, like spinnakers, they billow
on the summer breeze like three sighs,
three graces. They are reminders
of where I have been and where

I am going. First, the swaddling
sheet of infancy, when the world
was my oyster and all things miracles.
Second, the sheet of paper, the blank

on which I wrote my life story, inch-
by-inch and hour-by-hour. I made
an airplane; flew my craft to far-flung lands
where no one knew my name. A place

I could reinvent myself with the right words.
And last, the shroud. The coverlet in which
I spend the next few hours spread out
on this hard floor, tasting eternity.


  1. Magnificent.

    No other word comes to mind after reading this poem.

    Lisa Vihos will be writing for a very long time.

  2. Well, Lisa Vihos has to chime in here and say thank you for your kind words, Donal. I was away for a few days and did not see any of this until today. I'm so pleased to know that you enjoyed the poem.