Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Talk, Don’t Talk

by P.A. Levy

mind the gap
the atm told me
in the voice of an end
of pier speak your weight machine
that i had a fat chance of any cash
if i want some money to take you out
it sacastically suggested i rob
a bank
access denied
the sat nav said
all was lost
told me this was a dead-end road
i should head back to where i’d started from
except for some fading photographs
mail doesn’t need your attention
smiley face
your voice mail sounded full of contempt
almost delighted that you was unavailable
even concluded that our relationship
never had any chance of happiness ‘cos
i was a total network failure
after the bleep -  and bleep of a bleeping bleep
i deleted your messages i had previously cherished
press 3 – gone and forgotten
doors closing – mind the gap please

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