Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 21, 2012


by Bradford Middleton

Love is dead or
At least that’s what my heart says
Never shall it feel the joy of
That first pulsating kiss or
That first furtive look across a room
When the eyes suddenly meet
And all you want to do is talk
Talk, drink, eat and fuck
If you get lucky enough
More than likely it’ll be in a bar and
I would have misread the signals
Ill stumble over to a barrage of laughs
And a torrent of abuse

Then again what if she says hi
What could happen then?
We sit and chat about the stuff we love
The great books, the great music we cherish so much
As we drink our drink our ever so plentiful drink
We talk and talk until closing time
When we stagger out into the night air
Swapping phone numbers before continuing home
Maybe love ain’t dead after all!

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