Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 30, 2011

They Aren't Small Corpuscles

by Sarah Gamutan

They have been impending structures of improvement,
The standing role of feminisim. From grandmothers to
Daughters, we pass on maternity, the creation of lives

Proliferated by multi-celled progenitors. Their beauties
Come along with wombs to carry wondrous lives
Bearing future generations, cultured and varied. They
Reflect the beauty of the earth, the blue eyes and suntan.
Those eyes wink, with amor, to an Adam. The Adam is
At times prominent, a reciprocal of the dominatrix.

Betwixt their chemistry, a beam weighs comparisons
Of pater to a mater and vice versa. Still, I fight
Back saying, we need not to be subdued. Femmes-

The essential hymens from a rib bone- the Genesis of
Mankind, butches and femmes, good and damned.In print from Hieroglyphics of my creation, the history
Will change itself, gradually, that wives need not be
Submissive to husbands at all times- that women
Can also be considered giants. In their own channels,

I know phallicism is not the only cell which exist.
Deep inside the dendrites and axons, women also live.

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