Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


by Will Monigold

Jesus has five guns.
He had six
But he gave one
To a needy man
And told him to take
What he needed.
“From someone rich?”
The man asked.
“It doesn’t matter”
Jesus answered
“Everyone has too much.”

When someone asks Jesus
If he would sell one
Jesus tells them that
They can’t afford them.

The guns are pretty cool.
They are old.
One of them was used
In the war between the states
And one was used
To kill Archduke
Ferdinand and one
Belonged to Jessie James.
The other two
Were used by cops
To save lives.
That was what the cops
Told him.

Someone once asked Jesus
Why he needed guns.
Jesus told them
That he needed to protect
Himself. “But can’t you
Perform miracles?” They asked.
Jesus held up one of the guns
And said

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  1. the shock value is delicious! this is fascinating