Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


by Taufiq bin Abdul Khalid

I am the purveyor of words,
And my speciality is love.
In the morning, it is best
To talk of nothing else but Love,
And at night it is better
To make love, under the cover
Of twilight, doing God's work
As only a man and a woman can.

I think I will continue
To write about love
Until the cows come home,
Boiled some water,
Had some tea
And turned in
For the day.

I think I will continue
To write about love
Until Elvis reappears
To wriggle his hips.

I think I will continue
To pluck words from
The Universe which
Doesn't stop talking
To me about love,
She often tells me about
The birds and the bees,
God and the Prophet,
And what delights we may
Find in our private embraces
And extended kisses.

Someone bumped into
The amphora of light
leftover from the Angels' party
last night. It spilled over
The clouds and slipped into
My heart when I was
Not looking...

I could write all day, I think.
But I am still delighted
Playing the role of
A human being.


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