Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 26, 2011

(In This Lifetime We’ve Drawn This) Close

by Darryl Price

Together, this far toward warm
Promise with our sweetest written
Words done as deeds and offered as
Light set amongst shadow to burn
Glad away as full glasses of
Moon water poured freely out of
Love's dearly scruffed up mouth again
And again, that wants always to

Be bearing new forms, to be more
Often than not life's opening
Shot. That we find ourselves there at
All is a welcomed miracle
As common as finding one slick
Wetted cheek among a million
Rained on and yet we feel it; the
Overflow of climbing on top

Of one another ,sentences
In every language all crying
Out,“Spin gold, spin gold, or leave us
Alone forever!” I set the
Beautiful evaporating
Match atop their dry old heads and
Splash the sparks into my own face
With relish for the new verses.

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