Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Omnia Ab Uno

by Joe Milford

The seed of the four elements
Under the tree of Pansophia
Its roots in fire of the smelting core
Macro and micro forged into spore
I plant in the fecund dirt of my soil
Terra-theo, philo-cosmos, sephiric
Roots and limbs forming a circle
Roots growing into the limbs’ laurels
Each leaf a hand and each limb
A genealogy—brede and bastion,
Blood and stargifts—a completion
In me—my four winds about the curtains
These windows center essence
Burn the eyes and the flesh—still
The contemplation remains, the steady
Stare of the hermetic eye upon the edge.
I am the seed upon the ledge, as designed
Haphazard, the wind will plant me next.

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