Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


by Juliet Wilson

Every Saturday night, she palely sits
in a dark corner, her kohl eyes
watch the dancers, a mysterious
smile on her lips.

Every Saturday night, a different outfit,
always elegant and black,
always glamour gloved, elbow length
velvet or satin, lace trimmed,
sheer with flowers up the arms
rooted to her fingers with heavy rings.

Every Saturday night, she goes home
alone, undresses slowly, carefully
unpeels the gloves
from her scars.


  1. I love Juliet's voice! And I like this odd little portrait.

  2. Thanks, Storialist and Tumblewords!

  3. oh jeez, juliet, hit me upside the head! That was one good piece of work. thanks for stickin' it to me again. yr a grand poet, ya know that, doncha?
    VATS of ink, 'pie