Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clear the Air

by Janet Yung

Genevieve pictured Marjorie on the other end of the line, slack jawed, wondering what had brought on the tirade. She’d probably attribute Genevieve’s behavior to some hormonal imbalance. Marjorie, addicted to self help books and the daytime shows touting them, was always trying to figure out people, especially Genevieve and offering endless suggestions on how to improve her less than perfect life.

“You should’ve heard your sister on the phone today,” Marjorie would tell Horace.

Horace may or may not listen to Marjorie’s analysis of what transpired during the conversation having spent a lifetime tuning out unpleasantries until direct communication with him regarding any issue had ceased.

It was cathartic as the pent up venom spewed from Genevieve’s lips, a weight lifted from her chest. Weighed down all these years trying to be congenial in Marjorie’s company. Placating everybody else, observing her mother’s warnings not to rock the boat and be considerate of other people’s feelings. But Marjorie’s most recent fiasco was the final straw.

Claiming the last word, Genevieve slammed down the phone, her voice shaky and hoarse. Her ringing ears embraced the silence, and only momentarily did she debate the wisdom of full disclosure in family matters.

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