Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brighton Avenue in June

by George Anderson

An odd item in the paper about
the upsurge of Lego animation

suddenly from the street
a spectacular BANG
the wrench of metal on metal
the apartment shaking.

A Falcon has misjudged the bend
smashed thru the neighbour’s brick fence
& is resting partly in his porch
the rear wheels turning slowly.

I reach in & turn off the ignition
the driver’s head is gashed. His
legs are contorted, the grill smoking.
‘Can you get me some water? he asks.

I bang on Eddie’s door.
I yell out, ‘I NEED SOME WATER!

He doesn’t open up. I can see shadows of three
people inside thru the glass panel of the door.
The guy is begging, ‘Can I have some water?’
It is almost a whisper. He is losing consciousness,
lapsing into shock. ‘COME ON EDDIE, OPEN UP!’

More people arrive at the scene. Gawk at the
wreckage. Someone rings the cops. I talk to the guy,
try to keep him awake. I hear a siren in the distance.
The sharp yelp of a dog. The dull drone of vuvuzelas.

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  1. nice one, george. your poem is up at Clutching as well. . .