Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 25, 2015


by Mary C McCarthy

This is all new to me-
a world that follows the rules,
time that piles up evenly,
without blanks and bursts
to trick my memory,
sounds that all come from
somewhere, voices that are
accounted for in sensible
ways. No surprises.
You wouldn't think a world
like that so hard to find,
but I've waited a long time
to be happily bored,
contented with this new geometry
where everything interlocks, orderly
and neat, with no deep closets
for things to jump out of,
no cellars full of dust
and darkness, no threatening
shadows playing tag with me
in broad daylight.
I am glad to be here
in the middle of the ordinary,
just another Regular
trying to fit in.

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