Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

error of your ways

by Linda M. Crate

your eyes
sharp as diamonds
cutting through
you sought to destroy her,
but i stood before you
with the fury of a thousand flames
to burn through your
every winter;
the look of surprise on your face
amused me—
you are the night time fear and the dark morning,
but i am the dawn of aurora
you were the violent of blue but i was the gold
light burning through your dark heart;
and you ran from me in an attempt to preserve
because that's what cowards do
they run from the truth—
you're a man of a thousand faces
transforming like the
most vile villains in anime;
well, come here, little wolf, i am the hero and the
light always chases out the darkness in
the end
let me show you the error of your ways.

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