Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beneath a Circus Winter

by John Pursch

Resting heads respire
in carload bluster,
flouting nearly grousing
dignity for shapely scolded
cockatoos who creep about
in forty horded ammunition
belts of diamantine rust.

Ambulatory ermine question
fiefdom trial-and-carrion,
forging lemonade from
fettered ductile monocles,
harmonic ash imperatives,
and curb-lung onset underlings.

Servomotor boatswains
welter into mooing capes
of ipso klaxon godsend
serpentine pantechnicons
till gnashing newsstand pith
forks into bareback porkpie
haddock reefs.

Scene removal remonstrates
for hoary retroactive danger,
shown to cowering stammerers
in flick approval ferry splits
of panning shame regression cogs
spun silently in murky frowsy
bowl-cut bruise assignment boots
beneath a circus winter.

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