Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 11, 2015


by Bradford Middleton

Awakening with a renewed spring both outward and inwards this one looked
I ate down some breakfast and began to think
It’s never a good idea when it comes to things in my life
I’m still working the crummy job but it ain’t so bad that I’d want to quit
But the flat is turning into a cavern of books, records and films on them damn crooked floors
What’s more them mice have returned, bolder, smarter and last night they kept me up past 1
Scratching at my bedroom door I gave up leaving the door ajar, rolling over, off to sleep

All I dreamt about last night was sleeping somewhere else
A quiet peaceful place where I would annoy no one with my occasional bouts of insane rock’n’roll
So this morning when I woke up I do some sums and couldn’t believe what I read
I could escape, this time, I will escape.  This time I have enough for somewhere decent,
Away from the wailing of sirens, drunk clubbers and families meandering
Excitedly I run my errands and get to go online; I run a search on a popular site and await...

There are exactly 100 of them, I start looking around; somewhere near the Downs would be nice
I grab details of a dozen or so and excitedly make the calls when I get back home
The first one goes well until he asks about me; do you earn £14k sir. Erm, no... I claim housing benefit
The second one follows suit, by the ninth one it’s the first question I ask
Do you take DSS? I work part-time you see, the answer No came back every single time
So what am I to do? Right now, I don’t know if I’ll stay or go, this whole nightmare brings me down

1 comment:

  1. Lie. Lie big. Follow it up with another lie. LIe on the rocks. Until you don't know what the truth is. Then you won't have to put up with 'them crooked floors' or 'them mice' Always lie Bradford or none of it will ever work. But never tell them you heard it here or I will deny knowing you.