Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lola Peaks

by John Pursch

She balances sweet petulance
and grapefruit mocha gumption,
taps a scorched coat ballyhoo
deflection suite of etude
swagger wanderlust,
and vitiates injunction tattoo
query circumambulation,
blistering polenta snuff
repaving schemes with
genuflecting naivete.

Diatonic ambulance schematics
roll in tubal titration vestibules,
teaching downbeat shift
hypocrisy to chapped munitions,
spatial tics nodding into quartile
droop’s balustrade of searing
monocular conundrums.

Follicles tunnel sinfully to
nether dotage highbrow panorama
kinks above cirrhosis slobber,
brewed in midtown demolition
stoplight garnish mating chains,
squelching alley malts with
private idler locale cheers
and moribund specifics,
traveling from shore house
gourd bequeathment trout
to cacciatore carborundum,
impounding sunken chattel
blips for shafted showers of
pathway ensign pensioners
on vacuous rotation screws,
endowing apostolic plumage.

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