Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 18, 2015

i want truth

by Linda M. Crate

naked truths
are hard to find, anymore,
everyone wants
sugarcoated lies;
but not me
i want the truth stripped of all the
lies no matter how much it
because the truth will set me free
from the things that no
longer serve me—
it will free me from the linnets wings of
things that have lost their magic,
and people who would
drag me down into their negativity
or hold me back;
i have no time to waste i will make
my dreams come true
it's now or never—
tomorrow may never come
and today is half-over,
these moments will not come back to me
so i must spend them wisely;
i will no longer
stand in place waiting for a moment
that may or may never come
in anticipation
for people who have seemingly forgotten me
to them time may be an easy commodity
but to me it is of the essence
and my time is valuable—
no longer will i allow it to be squandered on things
that don't make me happy,
and i will make changes in my life that allow
me to reflect the joy deep in my heart
because life is truly magical
when you think about it
and smiles
can cut away through the plastic parasites of this world,
so i want to give mine away.

1 comment:

  1. truth, authenticity, boundaries, self respect, self-awareness, all the words that came to me when I read this Linda :) beautifully written and expressed, thank you :)