Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glow of Untruths

by Sy Roth

Ovid’s disambiguation rested on his face.
Their lies overwhelmed him
Behind his cheerful masque
Another face to hide behind.

He pranced for them,
A jester in motley
Obfuscating in their vacant,
guffawing unrealities.

His eyes wine-sparkled
Hither and yon in their sockets,
Swept the masses into a choking cloud
Away into their respective corners.

His eyes crinkled
Lids drooped downward
To dim their radiance,
Lost in a bitter gaze at them.

His lips rumbaed
A jumble of consonants
rumbled in assonance
over picket fence teeth.

Hidden beneath his lingua franca,
A muffled, chattering tongue
huffs and puffs in the water’s wake,
prevarications left  afloat on his flaccid waves.

Caught in the glow of untruths,
Beneath klieg lights that strip them of their chicanery,
They metamorphose into politicians,
Replete with a passel of prideful lapel pins.

Flags flap noisily draped behind him.
Before him,
Hordes flap in his breeze, and
Ignore his omissions.

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