Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 10, 2014

They’re Hanging Him Today!

by Paul Tristram

“Simply everyone is going to be there!
I am going to wear my new Summer hat.
There’s going to be a gypsy fortune-teller there
Mummers, Jugglers, Tumblers and Acrobats.
Aunty Edith’s coming down from Glyn Neath
with cousins Sian, Megan and Little Rhys.
We haven’t seen them since last Christmas.
Dai The Butcher’s slaughtered nigh on a dozen
for the hog roast, it’s going to be amazing!
There are only married men working the fields,
all the single ones are home having baths.
They’ll be wearing their Sunday Best later
even though it’s still only Saturday afternoon.
The last time that this happened in Neath
fifteen of them were married off in one go.
It’s so nice to see the town centre decorated
with coloured banners and ribbons again
and to hear everyone’s voices shrilling high
with laughter, excitement and merry song.
I’ll see you down the front at exactly 6 o’clock,
I’ll be standing with my dear Grandfather
he’s going to set his pocket watch by it, aww!”

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