Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 30, 2013


by Byron Beynon

Captain Scott's Antarctic expedition
enters the polluted mouth of Cardiff bay.

A gift of Welsh coal
form the mine-owners
feeds the bunkers of the Terra Nova.

Excited crowds move and explore
their day through Butetown,
a greeting of flags and sirens
the hooting of salty horns
adds to the din
in a paraphernalia of local sound.

High-geared Edgar Evans of Rhossili
sails south again,
keeps his final appointment
with the Beardmore Glacier.

Titus Oates opens his diary,
calls the mayor and corporation
a mob,
disapproves of the noise,
sees the telephone operator
as the only gentleman
to come aboard.

Fragments that slowly thaw
from the history books,
a ship, a crew,
the inescapable five
disappear from the port,
a polar wind that ruffled
the vessel from its quay.

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