Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


by Terri Hatch Owens and Tom Hatch

the Peanut Butter & Lettuce Sandwich
Welby Way elementary snickering
lunch time opening the reused
oversized brown paper
lunch sack causing
me to envy my fellow
classmates whose mom's
used brand new ones and
strategically and precisely
folded the top down
with the perfect crease
some even taped or stapled
it shut with their child's name
so perfectly written on the bag
while inside mine would be a favorite
sandwich of peanut butter and lettuce
although my mom always spread
some Oleo on each slice of bread
before loading it up with PB&L
I begged her not to put Oleo on mine
but she never honored this wish
It made me sad but as I grew up
I realized she didn't have time
to kowtow to each and
everyone of my demands
or those of my three older brothers'
since she had to focus on her job
as a key punch operator's long hours
so as an adult I would tease her about
the trauma she put me through
and would laugh about it
knowing I had forgiven her
Especially the over sized
Used brown paper bag."

Now Terri wonders I assume
What trauma has she put her
Girls through not that
Anybody uses Oleo anymore

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