Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mind of My Own.

by Radha Debroy Raai

Mind of my own
I am cursed with
A mind of my own

Multiverses collide
At one synaptic cleft
Millions of wormholes
Dig through this glial mesh
Connecting aeons of separation
In one ungodly inquest

Matters; white and grey
But mostly dark
Buzz with anticipation
Of some stark
To unfold
And twist its tendrils
Around this beingness

Mind of my own
I am cursed with
A Mind of My Own


  1. Loved the starting stanza a lot :) keep writing, poet!

  2. heart of decoration of words, touch the soul deeply ! Congrats Radha...wanna read some more & more...stay blessed !!

  3. well written