Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Dilemma

by Morgen Streur

My dilemma is enigma, I search inside self
For the path and the answers to the cards I was dealt
Suited up in the club with some hearts on my sleeve,
Drinking Ace of Spades, feeling like a king with my queen
All my Jacks got tens, I can show you what I mean
I'm really quite straight because I did it with a team
That's a royal flush too, I don't have to mention diamonds,
See we all decked out 'cuz we all put the time in

Now, what'd you say your name was? and where you came from?
MJ? Morgen John? yeah, I'm the same one
I am the ace of the city by the lake better get to know my face
I took over the game without 'caine, just some knowledge
Ancient of the sort, if you're able for the course
I advise ye be wise as a serpent of the court
Otherwise you may find yourself far too off course
With no hope of return, I just sit back on my sojourn

As I wonder outloud, "When will it be yo' turn?"

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