Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Soothing Twist

by Sarah E. White

I’ve twisted my hair
For as long as I can remember
Remembering I have for a very long time
For sometimes I find myself nervous
Over and over I turn it again
Between my fingers and thumb it slips with a slow sliding rhythm
It relaxes me, my muscles start to loosen
Fall from their tightness of stress clinched emotion
The familiar feel of it all
Its bumpy texture soothes me
For, I am a child as I twist my hair
There is so much hair to twist
Twisting me back to a simpler time
When I could be me, where I could be me
Twisting through fingers again and again
I must twist it
Sooth it for a moment
Then again I twirl and wind it
Until my hands grow tired
My hands ache
But still my nerves need soothing
For my weary mind has exhausted itself
Through my fingers
It all slips away in the insane twisting of my hair

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