Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peeping Moon

by Brian Rosenberger

The moon watches as the kids next door destroy your mailbox
bouncing it off the blacktop
Blame it on adolescent testosterone
underage drinking
high school girls with mostly untouched breasts
and the desire to impress
Perhaps a failed education system is responsible
God, the President or too many cable channels
not enough green vegetables in their diet
nor enough visits to the library, church, the batting cage, the local drinking establishment, or whorehouse
or parents with enough problems of their own
besides an unwanted pregnancy years in their past
We forgive their trespasses but the cops don’t
armed with sidearm and flashlights and authority
No one answers the door but the moving blind reveals the lie
The kids are peeking, the moon is peeking, and so are you
The patient moon waits on the outcome like the rest of us.
hopefully coming soon so we can return to sleep and gossip
about the night’s drama
in the AM.

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