Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hands Together

by Anastasia Placido

When we clasp hands, grip them together
as in prayer
funneling our separate, silent songs
into something that is deeper than
our own separate hands in union could ever create
When we touch hands together
as if
uniting our souls
and we tangle our fingers
waffle and intertwine
the hands of God
when first producing a rosebud
Our souls touch
And this meeting sends lightning bolts
Through our arms
So powerful
Zeus would be impressed
Energy cracks and sparks
As this electricity collides
A big bang that explodes into a
Universe of our own
So that we now hold our love in our hands
We applaud this creation
put our hands together in a silent,
brief clap
that doesn't exactly bring the house down
or culminate in an ovation
but reminds us of
the performance we are all
witnessing and taking part of
We touch palms
while not perfect reflections
fit together like two different book covers
different in size
a large hardcover and a small paperback
we pancake together the soft flesh
and wait
for the ribbon to encircle our wrists
and spiral over our hands


  1. I certainly hope that Anastasia Placido submits more poems to The Camel Saloon. I remembering having my first poems published while still in college but I don't think any of them showed as much promise as this one. A fine debut.

    Donal Mahoney

  2. Very powerful piece. "We touch palms [...] different in size [...] and wait [...] together."