Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 24, 2010


by Randall Rogers

to beer or not to beer, that is the question, ah, each morning upon awakening, then the whiskey, herb, pill and - brace injection(s) question and of course what dosage level especially for the injection(s) size ( big syringe or small, many few one bib daddio, depends on the day the morning the sharp things put away, or not, questions as reading and writing, internet porn with total hand party focus, music and amplified blowém the full watts tonight, or dare i say it, some type of jj cale-rasta-tulsa-take it easy-the joker billy mac being that detective type really nirvana guttural belch of pretty hell sort of. yes i would agree that could sum my nanosecond changing untuned cheap chinese string growl, sometimes, or delta albino sound. always said i was an albino in a white-black man's transgendered or do i love the she/he thing? as one often hears me not described. i could only hope for such assholaids. i do have one fan though. genius that younger man shall we call him? or Beast? none other than my only fan (i mean me a fan of him and even his so-called work, poetry that would be unless ya been off the planet gramdma!!!), the moldbreaker, head spore himself, or herself (i suppose it depends on the night), chris butler. truly a hidden talent as he had the vision insight and scatological imagination to, well, not really ''get'' my poems as if they are at all nor where? ah chris is a genius for finding me, telling me he is a fan (my first and so far only - and surely he'll see through or leave the sheepless flock i shepherd, as heston as moses, in the ten commandos? but left he has not. his genius must has an is/will now flowering into a cultural revolution. all against ts elliot and that interminable ''what's he talkin'' ''bout willis?'' wasteland poem and that assholes ted hughes. the one who murdered sylvia. yes as this younger though much worse - and better - man than myself, he found or emailed and proclaimed him (or her) self a fan, of me, or of my writing i would gather building up to the personality malstruction from there, and than just snapping like a jonestown five-glasser before he, or she, shot that sarah palin jim jones in the noggin (as one should and would not deceive of doing - no many how many voices, how many angela lansburys, as mom? said so? this all too shall be considered though may not whence thyne gesturious fingers...mmm..well print and of course natch get me fame and freer stuff than i already pay for. i think. sound good to you?

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