Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ice Coffee

by Morgen Streur

I made the coffee just the way you like it
I drank too much last night so I may have thrown a jealous fit
And scrolled up through your sidekick
If I did, I don’t remember
All I know is your love is my November
There are so many thanks to give
For this and that, from past to present

I drove that other girl mad
I broke up with her the night before her birthday
She cried, and called me the worst person alive
She said I always left her, at the worst times
And if I really loved her I never would’ve done that
She’s right and I’m wrong in many ways
She even hired a counselor to keep the thought of me away

I still cause destruction everywhere I go
A trail of broken hearts line the rivers I like to flow
Alone, I’m getting better.
These veins of mine are leather
Forever tethered to an anchor,
Concrete in its nature, imbalanced in its soul,
if you ever find my heart… It may never know

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