Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Saturday, May 22, 2010

what is there left to say

by Paul Harrison

nothing under the sun
or the moon
the stars like campfires
(there, i said it, stars)

nothing in
the everyday
quotidian acts
living or dying

nothing in the stolen glance
the double take
her smile remembered now

nothing in the humming wires
the usb s
the headlines and nightmares

nothing in gagaku
the sonnets or novels

nothing in the drink
and the drugs
their chill like a blanket

nothing in the streets
the clouds and the rain
headlights and tail-lights
sweeping a void

nothing in the words
of any other
except contempt
or recognition
and weeping

nothing between
the pages
outside the pages
nothing inside
nothing in meaning

nothing in the solo
world records
the finals and plays

nothing in the mansions
the stores and the bars

(there's nothing to drink
and nothing to eat)

nothing in
the red shirts
or black shirts
they're all the same

nothing in questions
or answers
behind it all

nothing for you
to see

in these
from the vortex


nothing, nothing, nothing

and nothing must be

nothing in
this room
this poem
not even
you or i

what more needs
said ?

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