Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ray at Town Hall knows a lot about payphones.

by Kelley Jean White

Before he was a deputy sheriff he was security
Manager for all the payphones in all Northern
New England. There were 15,000 payphones
in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in 1992.
They were a major source of income for the phone
companies. Each coin box could hold $200.
Collections were taken daily by armored cars
to Boston. It was good business before cell phones.
Ray has a payphone at his home. He was given
a chrome-plated one by the company on retirement.
He says it’s hooked up and his grandchildren
get a real kick out of using it. However, it is not
the last payphone in Gilford. The last one is
in the main lodge at Gunstock ski area just across
from the Powder Keg.  Bill, in Sales and Marketing,
says ‘Maybe we’ll use it in an advertising brochure.’

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