Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Love Letters & Kisses

by Paul Tristram

Written Thoughtfully
upon Prison Headed paper.
When Tempers & Wild Sides
are now Dormant & Sleeping.
Alcohol has been Removed
from the Equation & System
for some months.
The Hecticness & Chaotic Struggle
of the busy Outside World
has slowed down
and you are settled
into the Daily Routine
of ticking away
Days from your Sentence.
Can, often times
be more Honest
& Trustworthy.
Than a Nervous
Fight or Flee hand
grasping Heavenward 
a worn black Bible
and Swearing so, Adamantly
from a Crown Court Dock
with a Severely 
Wigged & Justice-Robed 
Audience in full Attendance.

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