Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, September 18, 2014


by Anuradha Bhattacharyya

A seed
Sown in my heart,
The birth of desire
In sawana.

A lamp
I’ve lit in prayer
Provoking fury in god

A draught of which
Ignited the fire
Of trishna.

A dance
Of the thundering heavens
Clapping to the tune
Of rasa.

Author's note:  Sawana is the rainy season in India, good for romance, Kama is the god of love, trishna means thirst with sexual connotations, also Rasa, the famous dance of Krishna with his female devotees.

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  1. Wonderful.A lot of passion and intensity in the poem.Once more another great work. You have expressed these complex feelings in a few words.Its awesome