Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

taking chances

by Linda M. Crate

after the movie
last night
in complete and utter silence
an epiphany dawned
her lit candle
over my mind, 
i was 
reflecting on life and i realized
this isn't where i want to be
i don't know what i need to do or what i need to change
but here isn't where i want nor need to be;
each of us wants immortality
to live after we die,
but it is more important to help others and live before
we die—
that thought rested heavy on my shoulders,
and so i'm going to be braver than i have ever been
make and take chances
i never would usually make because i'm sick
of playing it safe
i need to stretch out of my comfort zone
get these books published
and climb those mountains i always thought i ought,
conquer my fear of heights
sky dive and parasail and take a hot air balloon ride 
to take a chance and talk to that cute guy
my mind has convinced me i haven't a chance in hell with
because in the end 
it is true
you only do live once,
and while this is no excuse to be irresponsible and to forget 
every action has her consequence
it is encouraging me
that i need to be bolder, to break out of my shell
so the yolk of me spills a deeper yellow
that my star dust
shines brighter than the sun.

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