Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 31, 2014


by Anuradha Bhattacharyya

We rode up to the joint
And ordered Mountain Dew
Sipping which
Our blood simmered
In cold comfort
Of the open sky,
The bare trees,
The squeaking squirrels.

We rode up to the booth
And ordered Masala Dosa
Which went down
Like a rock
In the light waters
Of emotion,
Spicing up a tasty meal
Rather too spicily.

We rode up to a stall
And ordered noodles,
Syrupy savoury smooth
Slivery sumptuous smooching
The hungry belly.
The lips parted for more
And the guts sank
As an after-effect.

We rode up to the terrace
For coffee and in haste –
For we were yet not satisfied –
We gulped down a boiling cup
Then joining hands
We clambered into
The all embracing darkness
Of our humble rooms.


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  2. We rode up to the moon
    To book the plot and reside over
    As we yet to have a privacy being in relation
    hugging each other we realized our formation
    Losting to last the partition
    We last the morals
    And kiss after kiss
    Headed to a perfect bliss,,,,,,,

    1. We rode up to the moon
      To book the plot and reside over
      Yet in need of privacy;
      Being in a relation,
      Hugging each other,
      Losing to lose the parting,
      With lost morals,
      And kiss after kiss
      Heading for endless bliss ...

  3. In our allotted journey , the journey ends , but the hunger remains !

  4. "the all embracing darkness" is very sensuous indeed!......great composition, so vivid imagery, so picturesque........outstanding....its a real treat reading this poem painted with words....