Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Initials

by Michael Cluff

F is peeved
N would name the pet
in such a way.
J listens and wonders why Y
and B or no longer his or her BFFs
of course
upsets the F found
at the start of this piece
who is not in the quotient at all,
he or she still can't understand
why Y, L and M
did not invite F
to S's surprise bash
at an AT&T outlet
which C saw as a spy spot
for the old USSR.
I will go to
V's house to see
how A and P are
getting along now
with U in the long run
when they exchanged
their X factored pet
for N"s
and renamed
is that
thought LMNOP
in both soul
and spirit
if not in body.

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