Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Esoteric Analogy

by Narendra Kumar Arya

In my signature
There is a woman
And a baby on her back.

I have never felt
The being of a woman
My back lacks the strength
Any bone the capacity
To bear, to hold
A women’s existence.

In my signature
There is just a black enigma
A lie too bare
That has been chosen by the illiterate letters,
I have long back
Swallowed the ignorance of children
As far as
I dare touch
I don’t fail to identify
 My childhood’s corpse.

In me and my outer shell
In every quark of mine
Have so many sturdy layers of skins
Found perseverance
It makes me think
As if a I  have
Turned into a blend of
An ugly and a shrewd rhino
Whose every thing
Like his signature
Is more scribbled
But still more
 Is arcane.

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