Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 19, 2013


by Linda M. Crate

God says to love everyone, so why is it that i go to peoples unloved and see them ignored? i want to heal all the darkness, to burn away all the scars. want true love to ignite it's flame, burn away all the parasitic poisons of politicians, and orphans to find homes. i want the world to smile with a sigh that the sun has danced in my locks. God says not to kill, yet this job is stabbing passion out of my soul. i would like nothing more than to quit, but i need the money to pay my bills. so i sit here sifting sand, looking for the gold. God says to love one another. is it possible when you don't love yourself? wish i could remember my beauty, the fragrance of my smile now scattered in the dying autumn leaves beneath the snow. i've hurt so long and so hard, i just want God to heal me, and i want to heal the world. 

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